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Clinical Presentation and Management of Patients with Hyperadrenergic Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. A Single Center Experience - pdf - 5 pages - download

Conclusions: Hyperadrenergic POTS should be identified and differentiated from neuropathic POTS. These patients are usually difficult to treat and there are no standardized treatment protocols known at this time for patients with hyperadrenergic POTS.
Khalil Kanjwal, Bilal Saeed, Beverly Karabin, Yousuf Kanjwal and Blair P. Grubb
Cardiology Journal. 2011, Vol. 18, No. X www.cardiologyjournal.org
Added: June 2012

Hyperadrenergic Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in Mast Cell Activation Disorders

Perspectives: We report a novel syndrome of chronic hyperadrenergic orthostatic intolerance associated with episodes of MCA. This syndrome should be considered in POTS patients with a history of flushing. This symptom is often not volunteered by patients and may require careful questioning by the physician. Diagnosis requires biochemical documentation of MCA because other causes of flushing can be associated with POTS. A correct diagnosis is important because the presence of MCA mandates a different approach in the treatment of these patients. Beta-Blockers, a commonly used therapeutic option in POTS patients, should be used with caution, if at all, because of the risk of triggering MCA. These patients can be treated with H1/H2 histamine antagonist and central sympatholytics.
Cyndya Shibao, Carmen Arzubiaga, L. Jackson Roberts II, Satish Raj, Bonnie Black, Paul Harris and Italo Biaggioni
Hypertension. 2005; 45: 385-390 doi: 10.1161/01.HYP.0000158259.68614.40
Added: October 2012

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